Our Qualifications

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Proud to be a Keystone STAR 3!

We are proud to announce that the Center has achieved a STAR 3 Rating! The Center participates in the state-wide Keystone STARS initiative, a program targeted on improving the quality of child care centers throughout the Commonwealth. After maintaining STAR 2 rating first achieved in the summer of 2005 – and a lot of hard work! – we have been rated a STAR 3 center, a huge accomplishment.

What Does It Mean?

STARS stands for

  • S for Standards
  • T for Training/Professional Development
  • A for Assistance
  • R for Resources
  • S for Support

Find out more about Keystone STARS at their website. Or read (download a pdf) the brochure or el folleto.

What We Do

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There are 140 centers or pre-K programs in Chester County that participate in the STARS program. Only 36 of those have met the demanding requirements of STAR 3 or STAR 4 qualification.

  • Director and staff receive annual professional development and training.
  • One third of the staff has completed or are in the process of completing credentials or degrees.
  • Learning materials such as books, blocks, puzzles, music and art supplies are readily available.
  • The facility has a budget and provides at least one benefit to staff.
  • Some involvement of parents in the program
  • The Center maintains a plan to address needs found in a standardized self-assessment.

What's that mean to your child? It means that we are 100% committed to exacting quality standards for teachers, classrooms, program management. Through Keystone STARS, we can provide new learning materials, books, and toys for children, and help teachers get more education and college degrees to provide a better education for our children, without significantly higher costs to families. Because, as they say at Keystone STARS, "every child is Pennsylvania's future!"

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Revised October 2018